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Custom ARt Necklace I decided for this last Christmas to make my mom and sister a custom necklace with my niece and nephew’s  art.  I loved the idea of making a mommy necklace that wasn’t cheesy.  I snuck the art on a visit, scanned it, then re-sized and manipulated them to fit the design.  I did include their signature.  I loved them so much I made 2 different designs.  The disc design is 2 sided, and the scroll design can include up to 4 pieces of art.  You can mix and match the type of chain(leather vs beaded) and the sterling art piece(disc or scroll). These can be ordered with your own art by scanning and digitizing the artwork.  You can order through the product page, or email me anytime!  I included the original art and the finished pieces to give you the idea. Click on the photo to see details.

charlie artworkmax artwork

Charlie's art

custom art closeup copyleather necklace with custom art copy