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Deborah Marie refers to her jewelry as comfortably contemporary. Her techniques are not limited to one discipline of metalsmithing. Rather than design based on techniques, her designs utilize the technique that will fully enhance the design aspects of the piece. Inspired by nature, her designs captivate and charm.

Deborah Marie’s goal as a designer is to create forms that produce an energy and excitement for the wearer. Her passion for life is evident in every piece she creates.  Each piece is hand fabricated in her Michigan studio from silver and gold. She often will mix traditional techniques with the unconventional. The results are innovative styles, cuts, and color capturing the energy of the design. Her award winning designs are exhibited internationally and across the USA.


2012 Kennedy Publishing Best of World Wide Jewelry – Featured artist
2012 Lark Books, 30 Minute Bracelets
2010 Lark Books, 30 Minute Rings
2008 Lark Books, The Art of Jewelry: Plastic & Resin
2008-2015 Art Jewelry Magazine – Various articles and featured artist
2007 Lark Books – Modern Jewelry from Modular Parts

If you want to know what I am about, my process and my pieces watch this video…

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